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8/2014 (Metairie, LA)
Hey Mike thanks for doing the inspection for us.  I wanted to write a few words about the inspection that you can republish, if you would like to.

Christy and I were very pleased with your report, in fact, it was awesome! You did a VERY thorough inspection and provided pictures for item that you inspected. Even for hard to see places, you stuck the camera in there and we able to clearly show us what we were looking at.  The part that Christy and I found most helpful is that you explained everything in plain, easy to understand terms.  We will be recommending you to anyone that needs an inspection.

IT Technician


Thank you very much for a great job with the home inspection. I definitely
will want all the things you pointed out addressed. We will see how it goes
for negotiated the fixes, but again thank you for the professionalism.

LtCol Adrian Romero

I am a little concerned with the termites. Do you think treatment is enough?


It was a small trail and appeared to be fresh. I don't think it requires 
opening walls, if that's what you are referring too. When pin holes are 
observed on the drywall or the moisture content in the wall is high - even 
cracks in the wall would indicate more investigation. No evidence of the above 
mentioned was observed. Treatment is most likely all it requires.

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That is exactly what I was worried about, you have eased my worry thanks. I 
appreciate the response, and again your professionalism. Take care.

 Michael was great to work with. He's professional, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable with a great sense of humor!
Rachael K

Michael brought a work ethic that compelled him to get the job done right! He accommodated my busy schedule and answered all my questions.
Jim D

No one worked harder or knows home inspections better. Thanks Mr. Turner
Natasha J

Thank you for your email. This gives me a great confidence in proceeding further in the matter.
Thanks and have a great day.

I don't know if you remember our inspection ( Verret St.) but we are closing this week and are trying to schedule some of the repairs that you recommended.  Particularly, we are looking for someone to address the problems with the ceiling joist and rafters in the attic as well as the issues with the roof.  Do you have any recommendations?
We want to address the issues in your report as soon as possible.  We really appreciate what a thorough job you did in the inspection.  Your report was really detailed and the photos were extremely helpful!
Charlena T

Hey Mike,
I told my agent I didn’t need an inspection since I’m a contractor but my wife insisted. I guess I have to bite my tongue - You caught things I never would have seen.

Thanks Mike
Larry B

I was forced to walk from the house on Plymouth due to insurance. However, I have an accepted offer on another location and would like to schedule an inspection. When you are available, can you please give me a call to schedule? I didn't want to call you on the weekend so I figured I'd send you an email.

Thank you,
Cortney H

Thank you for the detailed report. That really helps. You asked yesterday who was the better inspector. You had the win. In all seriousness, thank you. I appreciated everything yesterday and will certainly be passing on my recommendations of you to others.

Thank you,
Cortney H

You made it look so easy, until I saw the pictures and detailed report. The location of all the items mentioned in the report was very helpful. I haven’t read the home maintenance book you gave us but I’ll give that to my husband with a honey due list 

Barbara V

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