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Homes Sell Faster with Energy Disclosure

Homebuyers appreciate having as much information as possible when comparing homes, and the Home Energy Score helps convey this information. One study found that homes disclosing energy costs – even when those costs were high – closed at a higher percentage of the asking price and spent less time on the market than comparable homes that did not disclose energy costs.

Customers Want to Know More About Home Energy Savings

Multiple Listing Services (MLSs) provide the Home Energy Score to buyers. States across the country are adopting this Score to ensure energy efficiency information is consistent and credible.

“We’re helping change the conversation,” said Hilary Bourasa, a principal broker with Meadows Group Inc. Realtors. “It’s taking the focus away from granite counter tops and stainless-steel appliances and putting it on housing affordability.

The Benefits

The Home Energy Score can benefit homeowners by showcasing - energy efficiency improvements. It provides a means to highlight prior investments made toward energy efficiency which increase the value of the home. Cost-effective upgrades can be done before listing the property to increase the marketability of the home.

How it Works

The Home Energy Assessment takes approximately an hour to complete. The Assessor will gather information about the home’s envelope (foundation, insulation, walls, windows, doors, vented, conditioned space) as well as mechanical equipment efficiency, BTU’s, age and date of heating, cooling and water heating systems. The Home Energy Score employs standard operating conditions to compare homes using Department of Energy scoring tool which is independent of current occupant behavior. No matter the circumstances your home can be improved to increase efficiency. More efficient = More Savings

Display the Home Energy Score

1. Provide your Home Energy Score and Report directly to potential home buyers by placing a  hard-copy on your kitchen counter-top. 

2. Have your Realtor or MLS (multiple listing service) provide your Home Energy Score on the internet to attract more buyers. Buyers today and millennial's are very much aware of energy efficiency and want a home that does not waste energy (money). Times are changing with environmental impact concerns. Get your home score today! Michael J. Turner Home Inspections