MJTHI "At Your Service"

Buyer's Inspection


This is the most common inspection, where the buyer purchasing the home, schedules an inspection to learn the conditions of the property.  We uncover unsafe and repairs needed in the home which can impact you and your family! We provide maintenance tips which can extend the life of your home!. Let Michael J. Turner Home Inspections worry about the home so you can focus on other important matters!

Seller's Inspection


 This is where the seller schedules a home inspection before placing their property on the market to remove any stumbling blocks that can delay the sale. Having an inspection before selling your home and perform repairs before the buyer's walk-through usually brings a higher asking price and shows the buyer your home is safe, in good condition and "Ready for the Market". 

When a buyer has a list of repairs the inspector provides - the potential buyer may get scared and walk away! 

Don't let this happen! Call Michael J. Turner Home Inspections today!

Points of Service


We offer many specialized services including: 

 Cost Estimates

Video plumbing inspections

Termite (WDIR) inspections 

 Infrared camera detection 

Home Score Energy Assessments

Moisture intrusion

Mold Sampling / Testing

Building Science and Analysis 

Indoor Air Quality Sampling / Testing

EIFS stucco

4- point Insurance inspections

 and more.