"Don't Judge a Home By Its Cover"

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Expert Consultations, Quality Results!

Expert Consultations, Quality Results!

Expert Consultations, Quality Results! Expert Consultations, Quality Results! Expert Consultations, Quality Results!

We Love Home Inspections!

We provide you with a full staff of home inspectors and an office administrator to keep everyone on track. Our licensed home inspectors provide you the highest quality home inspection. Unlike other home inspection companies who aren’t as thorough as Michael J. Turner home inspectors, we have no need for multiple warranties here, we do our job and do it right the first time. Don’t be fooled by warranties that never pay on claims, instead use the home inspection company you know you can trust!

Our Services

We offer many services and excel in residential inspections and home building. We take our job serious! 

On your behalf our team of knowledgeable inspectors represent you!

We are professionals and it shows. 

Here is one of many homes we have inspected. One call can schedule all the services you need! If you're looking for new construction - we can custom build your new home!

There is no conflict of interest with Michael J. Turner Home Inspections, we inspect for termites but don’t treat for them. We inspect for mold but don’t remediate for mold. We test for asbestos and lead but don’t mitigate. With Michael J. Turner Home Inspections, you get an unbiased and honest report of the condition of your home.
You are the most Important part of our business! Our team of inspectors are dedicated to providing you with excellence and a report that is thorough and detailed!

It's All About You!

Your home is our home during the inspection! We inspect every home like it was our's. We deliver a detailed and thorough report that reflects the homes conditions so you can make a sound decision. We do our best to breakdown confusing construction terms so anyone can relate. The bottom center photo was a home I had built in 2007. My clients already knew I was the builder and continued with inspections.

Who is Michael J. Turner Home Inspections?

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