"Don't Judge a Home By Its Cover"

Expert Consultations, Quality Results!

Expert Consultations, Quality Results! Expert Consultations, Quality Results! Expert Consultations, Quality Results!

We Love Home Inspections!

We provide you with a full staff of home inspectors and an office administrator to keep everyone on track. Our licensed home inspectors provide you the highest quality home inspection. Unlike other home inspection companies who aren’t as thorough as Michael J. Turner home inspectors, we have no need for multiple warranties here, we do our job and do it right the first time. Don’t be fooled by warranties that never pay on claims, instead use the home inspection company you know you can trust!

Our Services


With over 8 years as a licensed home inspector, there is no doubt, you made the right decision.

We understand the principles of building and can explain conditions like no other. 

We extend our services to teaching other licensed home inspectors, Realtors and contractors through continued education, credited by the State of Louisiana. 

We can offer real cost estimates and structural letters for those insurance and financial institutions needed assurance the house is sound. (Banks, FHA and VA) 

What does this all mean for you?

It means you have the best of both worlds: A licensed residential building and commercial contractor who is also a licensed trade contractor, specializing in electrical, structure, building science and HVAC with real experience and knowledge that surpasses standard home inspectors.


It's All About You!

Your home is our home during the inspection! We inspect every home as our own. 

We deliver a professional, detailed and thorough report that reflects your homes conditions, so you can make a sound decision. 

We breakdown confusing construction terms and we can explain what's really going on with every aspect of your residence

We will break-out specialized tools such as moisture meters, infrared cameras, voltage meters, amp meters and check the foundation elevation differentials (if needed) to inspect conditions further. 

Who is Michael J. Turner Home Inspections?

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